Luck is on my side, for now


I woke up yesterday morning with two interviews scheduled and one to follow up with.  I would rather go on 1,000 first dates than go interview but apparently they won’t give you a job if they don’t meet you first.   The part I dislike so much about interviewing is having to toot your own horn so much.  I really enjoy meeting the interviewers and picturing myself working in their office but it’s hard to be the center of attention.  I love selling things, ideas, that just aren’t me.  

Despite that, I think both interviews went really well.  I know that there was a lot of competition for the first one but I do not think it is a total lost cause either .  The second interview was very interesting.  I went into the hiring agency that my roommate used to get her current position.  I met with a few people and things were going well and then suddenly I was being asked if I would like to come and work for them.  I was being recruited by the recruiters to recruit.  Hm.

I am intrigued by the prospect though and was actually thinking about how one gets a job at a hiring agency as I was sitting in their waiting room.  Or lobby.  Front office?

It seems like opportunities are pouring in right now.  What is going on?  Has someone bewitched me?  I can only hope that my luck keeps going and I can actually land one of these amazing jobs.

Today, the heat wave has broken from a collection of beautiful storms that blew in yesterday.  It is actually comfortable in my apartment now.  I am not sweating.  I am not sticking to everything I touch.  Hallelujah!

Going out to a dinner tonight to meet some young professionals and entrepreneurs.  Haven’t heard of them?  Check them out, right now.  Oh yeah, they offered me a job too.

Thank you, New York City.  Sometimes you really know how to make a girl feel good.


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